Schedule of Events

This workshop schedule is not final and may have changes until January 2020.

February 7th – Friday Schedule  6:30PM to 1:00 AM (Tentative Schedule)

6:30PM to 8:00PM – Pro/AM & Amateur Single Dances – Tango Dance Competition.
8:00 PM – Argentine Tango Showdance  (Stage Tango) Competition.
8:30PM – 
Argentine Tango Scholarship Pro/AM and Amateur Finals & Formations.
9:00PM to 1:00AM – “Welcome Milonga” with DJ Eduardo Goytia

February 8th – Saturday Schedule (55 min workshops)

Workshops levels are separated by level, the colors indicate the level:
Beginners Level in blue recommended for dancers with 0 to 6 months of Argentine Tango Dancing.
Green are for All levels– recommended for all Argentine Tango Dancers. Usually a generic, technique theme that will benefit all tango dancers.
Purple are for Intermediate/Advanced– recommended for more experienced tango dancers.
(A minimum of 
 6 months with a solid foundation).

Workshop by Instructors Initials. (See more information about the instructors click here!)
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Alejandro Barrientos-AB, Rosalia Gasso-RG, Fabio Bonini-FB, Eduardo Goytia-EG, Adriana Salgado-AS, and Orlando Reyes-OR

                 BALLROOM A                                            BALLROOM B
Lead & Follow Tango Basics FB     Eccentric Sacadas RG/AB
2:00PM Ochos Variations. FB                        
Pencil & Enrosques AS/OR
3:00PM Volcadas & Colgadas. FB                 Tango Salon for Competition EG
4:00PM Molinetes  101. RG/AB                   Improving Improvisation skills. EG 
5:00PM Tango Connection and Elegance. Open and Close Embrace. AS/OR
6:00PM Tango Waltz. AS/OR                       Bumping your Musicality Up. EG
7:00PM Milonga – Cadencia & Sequences for the dance floor RG/AB
8:00PM                                                       DINNER BREAK
Argentine Tango “Formal Milonga” with DJ Eduardo Goytia & Live Music by DC Tango Orchestra followed by Professional Show.

February 9th – Sunday Premium 90 min Workshops

12:30PM Tango Show Choreography. RG/AB
2:00PM  Circular, smooth and fluid sequences. AS/OR
3:30PM  Embellishments like a Professional. RG/AB

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