Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available to anyone. They are a great way to boost your tango skills; you will be taught, corrected, evaluated, motivated, and trained, according to your goals and skills.  If you are interested in a specific instructor please let us know. Lesson length is 55 minutes . No partner? No problem, you can dance with the instructor. Spaces are limited so please secure your spot as soon as possible.

Please RESERVE Private Lessons by sending an email to with your preferred times and instructor. She will send you schedule availability to select from and payment procedures to confirm the appointment. Here is a list of the participating instructors and their rates (rates are to be paid prior to the lesson to hold your appointment):


*With One Individual Instructor (One Instructor in your lesson) Guillermina Quiroga, Mariano Logiudice, Alejandro Barrientos, Fabio Bonini, Eduardo Goytia, Adriana Salgado or Orlando Reyes. 
$130.00 per lesson (Student or couple)

*With Two Instructors together.
Guillermina & Mariano                           $160.00 per lesson
Adriana & Orlando                                   $160.00 per lesson


  • Travel, Dance & Learn in Buenos Aires. Join us to explore Tango in Argentina. It may be your next dance adventure...Check on for more information.
  • Forever Dancing Ballroom offers progressive Argentine Tango group classes, and hosts milongas regularly. For a full schedule check on for more information.
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