DC Tango Challenge Results

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Hall of the Fame – DC Tango Challenge 2017:

(based on total accumulated points throughout competition)

Top Beginner & Up – Suzanne Thomas
Top Intermediate & Up  – Brenda Armenti-Kapros
Top Adult – Kristen Malincolico
Top Senior – Meg Phillips
Overall Male Competitor – Adrian Van Gorder
Overall Female Competitor – Suzanne Thomas
Top Amateur Couple – Ted Berry & Julia Van Gorder

(based on total accumulated scores)

Argentine Tango Showdance Champion – Brenda Armenti-Kapros
3-Dance Championship Winner – Julia Van Gorder & Ted Berry 
Tango Salon Scholarship Champion – Zoya Altmark & Adrian Van Gorder
Tango Salon Jack & Jill Winners – Ted Berry, Kristen Malincolico & Michelle Yandell

Hall of the Fame – DC Tango Challenge 2016:

Tango Salon Amateur Scholarship Champion- Charo Jones & Adrian Van Gorder

Hall of the Fame – DC Tango Challenge 2015:

Tango Salon Amateur Scholarship Champion – Charo Jones &


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